Getting Divorced?

You can use Supreme Court approved forms and instructions to get divorced if you and your spouse:

  • Agree on the terms of divorce,
  • Do not have children under 18 or dependent children, and
  • You have very few assets.

Do you have children under 18 or dependent children?

In Tennessee, the law says that divorcing parents must work together to make a Parenting Plan that is best for their children.  Making a Parenting Plan helps you and your spouse focus on the children, and to put their needs first.

Parenting Plan

You can fill out the Parenting Plan form on your own. Or you can ask a lawyer to help you.  Most of the time, the law requires that you and your spouse go to a mediator if you cannot agree on the Parenting Plan.  The mediator will help you make a Plan that you can agree to and that’s good for the children. 

If you and the other parent cannot agree, you can each file a Parenting Plan. The court will decide what the Parenting Plan will be.

Click here to download a Parenting Plan and other forms you may need.

Parenting Class

If you are divorcing and have children under 18 or dependent children, you will probably have to go to a parenting class.   Your local court clerk can give you more information about parenting classes in your area.

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