TN Free Legal Answers

TN Free Legal Answers is a joint project of the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services and the Tennessee Bar Association. Special thanks to the law firm of Baker, Donelson, Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz and to the Tennessee Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Commission for their critical support of this project. These entities share the goal of increasing access to legal advice to those who cannot afford it.

This online system screens potential clients for eligibility and, if qualified, allows them to post a legal question to a private messaging system. The questions are answered by private attorneys volunteering their time. An TN Free Legal Answers client has the ability to check the system for answers at any time. Only the name of the client is shared with the volunteer attorney assisting them. All other information is anonymous to ensure privacy. Lawyers have the ability to log into the site 24 hours a day and answer questions from the public at a time that best suits their schedule.

Lawyers receive CLE credit for the time they spend researching and answering questions.