Supreme Court Approved Forms

The forms approved by the Supreme Court are listed below, by topic.  The Supreme Court approved these forms as "universally acceptable as legally sufficient".  This means that if you fill out the forms correctly, that all Tennessee courts that hear divorce cases must accept the forms.  New forms will be added as they are approved. 

Divorce Forms

Important! You can only use these divorce forms if:

  • You and your spouse don't own any land (real property)
  • You and your spouse don't have any retirement accounts, except for Social Security
  • You and your spouse don't own a business

Important! You and your spouse must agree on all the terms of the divorce to use these forms.

Do you have any minor kids?



Then use these forms:Then use these forms:

Civil Forms

Protected Income and Assets (Affidavit of Claim Exemptions)WordPDFFillable PDF
Request to Make Payments (Motion and Affidavit for Installment Payments and Order)WordPDFFillable PDF
Request Not to Pay Fees for Appeal (Pauper's Oath in Lieu of Appeal Bond)WordPDFFillable PDF
Request to Postpone Filing Fees and Order (Uniform Civil Affidavit of Indigency)WordPDFFillable PDF
Request to Protect Income and Assets (Motion to Quash Garnishment/Execution and Claim Exemption Rights)WordPDFFillable PDF
Sworn Denial (Sworn Denial on Account)WordPDFFillable PDF





Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Forms

These forms were developed by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) for many different kinds of legal cases. You can download them for free.  Click on the links below to go to the AOC website. 

Parenting Plan Forms

Mediation Forms

Order of Protection Forms

Other Forms

Legal Aid Forms

Many legal aid agencies have forms that you can use. Look for your local legal aid agency by clicking on your county on the map or list of Tennessee counties.

IMPORTANT!  You need Adobe reader to download PDF forms. You can download Adobe reader for free here.