Clinic Measurement forms - Updated May 2016


All the forms you we suggest that you have in order to host a clinic are here. These forms include all that the Tennessee Faith & Justice Alliance will need for malpractice insurance and CLE credit, but there are also additional clinic-in-a-box forms there that you may or may not choose to use such as sample outreach flyers, client instruction forms, intake forms, etc.


The minimum forms that the Tennessee Faith & Justice Alliance requires of its clinic partners for malpractice insurance and CLE Credit are linked below. Specifically, we need the following:


1) Either the Pro Bono Initiative Coordinator Summary form or the Volunteer Attorney Surveys for each volunteer attorney, whichever is easiest for you. Some clinics have the attorneys who wish to recieve CLE Credit and malpractice insurance complete the survey and return each individual survey to us. Other clinic coordinators copile all of the information on behalf of their attorneys and submit the Coordinator form. Either method is fine with us.

2) Client Satisfaction Surveys. Please use our form unless you already have a client satisfaction survey form. We will accept our form or your form. Paper surveys are attached below, or you can find a digitally fillable client survey here. This form can be completed on any electronic device.

3. Attorney volunteer sign-in sheet. We MUST have this form.

4. Clinic records MUST be maintained by a licensed attorney, and the Tennessee Faith & Justice Alliance must be provided by that attorney's name and contact information. If records are maintained by a partner organization that does not have a licensed attorney on staff, an attorney from the clinic must be designated to serve as the keeper of records.

Lastly, clients will need to be informed of TALS' involvement. What we've done in the past is give them one of TALS' flyers found here and added "This legal clinic is supported by Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, 1-888-395-9297." The client needs something that they can take home with them that has TALS' number on it, and preferably (but not required) the 1-844-HELP4TN free legal phoneline. You may choose to communicate this information differently, it does not have to be the flyer.


Please send these forms to us within 30 days of your event. Please let us know if you have any questions.